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There are numerous good graphic designers but in the software industry there is a huge lack of good web designers. If you are an artist or have a knack at drawing this course will be greatly suitable for you. Currently the design has taken over the programming and clients are more worried about the look and feel of the project. So a great design is a must. We We not only teach you design but also train you in various cutting edge technologies Ajax and JQuery, so that you can beat the competition when it comes to getting jobs.Please note that other institutes only teach designing but teaching the latest designing technique is what you will get to learn from us. Are you looking for carrier in Web Designing? You can think about us. All faculty is experienced in web designing domain. They are working this domain for several years.Project is undergone during the course completion. This provides you practical application, and hand in job gives you the confidence about the knowledge and learning that you have gathered.

Course Outline

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3